Are all girls looking for real Sex buddies nowadays ?

I’m 24 m and I can’t seem to find romantic girls anymore. Even my ex, who thought she was a very healthy and innocent girl, found herself as a fucking friend.

I have nothing against people who have fucking friends, but I am more of a romantic type of man who likes to build trust, take time and have a relationship before having sex.

Are all girls looking for real Sex buddies nowadays ?

It depresses me to see all this promiscuity everywhere (both men and women). So, ladies, are there still some of you who can fight the temptation of sex and prefer serious relationships?

I hope I’m not alone in the way I see things 🙁

Basically every time you say “are all the X girls?” The answer is going to be no. Different women look for different things. Many people prefer committed relationships to casual sex buddies. At this time in my life, I am not one of them, but all my friends are in relationships, which indicates something.

Although, honestly, even when I want to be in a relationship, I am not going to enter into a relationship with someone I have not slept with. If you need to go out for a while and get the commitment from me before going to bed with me, you think it won’t work between us. You may encounter women who do want relationships, but not without finding out if you are sexually compatible first.

The answer is no, but I fully understand where you come from and yes, it seems that everyone only wants connections at this time. Maybe it’s our age group; People are coming out of their relationships between high school and college and want to “explore.” Although almost all my friends are in long-term committed relationships, the ones that finally separate become a bit “wild.” I think people will slow down as they get closer to 30. What I find interesting is that one would assume that boys would love girls who only want FWB, but I have talked to several friends who EXACTLY regret what they regret. They are romantic, they want to go out with all the bells, whistles and fanfare. But they don’t meet women who feel the same. I wasn’t sure if it’s just because we live in New York, or maybe romantics are a minority within this age group …

I am never really looking for anything, but I have tended to fall into friend situations much more frequently than real relationships.

Basically, there are many guys out there who could be someone with whom they would be fuck buddy. It is much less common to meet someone with whom I can see myself in a serious relationship because the criteria are much higher.

Like 20 something that has had multiple sexual encounters, I have never understood this. Now, obviously, I know everything about the term, but I have never seen a true situation arrive in which I could reach a mutual agreement. I guess a secondary question would be, is this common?

I met a guy online and had a couple of dates. We decided that 1. Our personalities were not really compatible and 2. We were both too busy with the school to have time for a relationship.

Always remember that you are FRIENDS (friends) … before thinking about sex.

Be considerate of each other (desires, needs, limits, etc.)

Let us know if more serious feelings grow for each other.


I am the man in an open relationship (with a woman). The rule of our relationship is clear and simple: we always come first (she comes first for me and I first for her). We both have veto power over each other’s choices and any of us can close the relationship at any time. So far, it is working very well.

The only problem I have is that she, as a child, can have sex at any time. I, on the other hand, have to work hard enough for it (we are almost as attractive and I am probably more outgoing / flirtatious than she is, but girls don’t want to give up as much as men in general). The worst part is that I have a terrible honesty complex where if a girl asks me if I am single, I tell her about the open relationship. Boys tend to agree when she tells them; Girls, not so much.

So, what I’m looking for is advice on how to find some girls who agree with my situation and are ready to give up sex without ties.

Some qualifiers:

When I describe my situation to other people, their first reaction is often: “Leave that bitch.” She is not a bitch, she is my girlfriend and we love each other. I will not abandon it, and any response that suggests it will be rejected (by me, at least).

I’m 21 years old and I’m in college, so I have a lot of access to college girls. Maybe that helps.

I am not making craigslist or any dating site. I don’t need my inbox to be full of more single spam than it already is, and I don’t want to pay for a more legitimate dating service (I feel it’s better to spend money on drinks for girls).

EDIT: It is not a competition. I even help establish my girlfriend with other boys. And no, I really don’t care if she sleeps with other boys, I don’t keep track and I don’t know how many boys she has slept with.

Make sure you trust each other.

Be especially safe when it comes to contraceptives. You are not in a relationship. You don’t want potential babies.

Stop the FWB when the other has a relationship with another person.

And if they ever disagree with each other about something, they both try to respond to things without difficult feelings.

Good luck! Fuck friends, FWB, whatever you want to call it … sometimes it can be a fun, valuable and successful experience.

I have a son of a bitch and we started fucking a year ago, and it’s great! In my opinion, it’s better than having a girlfriend. Maybe it’s because we love each other, but we’re not a romantic couple like a bride-groom, but just lovers. Eliminate all the pressure, commitment and jealousy that a common romantic relationship has because we could fuck someone else if we want.

My advice to you is to use the golden power of communication. It can open doors, heal wounds and avoid disasters. And do not fall in love with her, unless you are prepared for complications and / or be sure that she is thinking the same way or will not ruin the relationship. Also, DO NOT get jealous or insecure under any circumstances, no matter what.

Sorry for my grammar, English is not my mother tongue.

We were in college and we decided that neither of us had time for a relationship and that there was definitely a sexual attraction, that we could well become shit mates. We discuss expectations (exclusive or not, condoms and contraceptives, what to do if I got pregnant, etc.). It worked very well and we maintained the “relationship” for just over two years until I met my husband. As we had no emotional bond between us, none of us cared if the other had sex with another person (we decided not to be exclusive) and never heard from him again after telling him that I started dating someone.

I don’t know how to co

However, even if I knew a guy that I liked enough to get out, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with him until we were having sex. For me, deciding that you are in a relationship is a much greater commitment than having sex, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable changing the order.

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