3 Things You Should Never Do To A Potential Affair Partner

There are certain things that can kill a conversation dead or at the very least leave you looking like a jerk. In the modern age, the ideas of gender and sexuality are more under a microscope than they ever have been before, but this can lead to some very big slip-ups. There are jokes which might have been acceptable even five years ago that might ruffle feathers now. Keep in mind that we’re not pushing a politically correct agenda here. It’s pretty impossible for us to do so, but whatever your feelings on what’s politically correct or not, being respectful isn’t ever going to get you in trouble or make people think that you’re being too cautious.

3 Things You Should Never Do To A Potential Affair Partner

So for the men talking to women on the site and looking for that perfect extramarital affair here are some things you should avoid unless you want to strike out with most of the women you talk to. Some of these are going to seem self-evident, but we wouldn’t be talking about this if there weren’t at least a few people doing these things to their would-be affair partners.

1) Don’t attribute racial stereotypes to a person that you don’t know.

We all know the racial stereotypes and have probably relied on them at one point or another. You can’t do that when it comes to dating (and you shouldn’t be doing it regardless). Thinking that a woman is going to be more submissive because she’s Asian or will be too difficult because she’s of a different race is not going to win you any points here. If you’re looking for someone online then throw those racial stereotypes out of the window because one, they don’t really apply anyway and two, they’re going to make you look like a bigot. Remember, this is your first impression. Would you walk up to someone and the street and talk about a racial stereotype? Most of you would say no.

2) Don’t make period jokes.

Seriously. Yes, women have periods and they’re not anything that men are going to be able to understand because they’re not going to be able to experience what those feel like, but because of that period jokes made by men always end up seeming in bad taste. If you don’t understand something of it, why would you belittle it by making a joke out of it? If a woman says that she hasn’t been in a bad mood and you ask if it’s because of her period there are three possible outcomes. One, she will take it as the joke it is (but it’s hard to expect this when you’re talking online). Two, she will assume that you’re a jerk because you’re making assumptions about something that is deeply personal to a woman or three, you’ll come across as creepy because it will sound like you’re asking a serious question and that’s deeply personal.

3) Don’t talk down to people.

Maybe the person you’re talking to doesn’t type in a grammatically correct way, but there are many reasons for that and there’s no reason why you should ever talk down to someone. Everyone is an adult here and talking down to someone is just going to make them feel like you’re not taking them seriously. If you can’t take your affair partner seriously then they aren’t going to want to be with you since they’ve got their own wants and needs. No one wants to be treated like they’re less than they are and even if you’re the most wonderful affair partner in the world, talking down to someone is going to burn a lot more bridges than it will build.