3 Things You Should Never Do To A Potential Affair Partner

Certain things can make a conversation impossible or leave you looking like a complete idiot. Modern society places gender and sexuality under more scrutiny than ever before. This can lead to some big mistakes. Jokes that were acceptable five years ago might not be so now. We are not advocating a politically correct agenda. Although it’s impossible for us, we don’t believe that it is possible. However, regardless of your opinions on political correctness, being respectful won’t get you in trouble.

These are the things that you need to avoid in order to have an extramarital affair with the women you meet. These may seem obvious, but there are still some people who do these things to their potential partners.

1 Don’t assign racial stereotypes or characteristics to someone you don’t even know.

We all have heard the racial stereotypes, and probably used them at some point. When it comes to dating, you can’t do this. You won’t win any points thinking that a woman will be more submissive if she’s Asian, or that it will be easier if she’s a different race. You should forget about racial stereotypes when you are looking for someone online. This is your first impression. Would you approach someone on the street to discuss a racial stereotype? Most people would answer no.

2 Don’t make any period jokes

Seriously. Yes, women do have periods. Men will never understand them because they won’t be able experience those feelings. However, men’s period jokes always seem ill-judged. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get something. Why would you make a joke of it? There are three possibilities when a woman claims she isn’t in a bad mood but you ask if it is because of her period. She will probably take it as a joke, but it’s difficult to expect that when you talk online. She will also assume you are a jerk for making assumptions about something deeply personal to you.

3 Don’t speak down to people

You might not be able to type correctly, but that’s not a reason to talk down to anyone. Talking down to someone will make them feel that you don’t take them seriously. You can’t treat your partner as an adult if you don’t respect their needs and wants. Nobody wants to be treated less than they are. Even if they are the best affair partner, talking down to them will cause more damage than good.