How to Stop Being Lonely in Your Marriage

Being lonely is not something that anyone can escape. We all get lonely sometimes. It’s a natural feeling that we’re unable to escape, but in some ways, the loneliest you can be is when you are feeling lonely within your marriage. Many people who end up feeling lonely within their marriage wonder if it’s their fault and it’s not uncommon for a person to blame themselves for the shortcomings of their marriages. After all, the idea of marriage and the way we view a marriage have been driven into our heads from a young age. Marriage is about two people working as a unit and as such, if something is going wrong within a marriage or if a spouse is lonely within a marriage, they assume that something is wrong with them rather than their partner.

How to Stop Being Lonely in Your Marriage

You need to take a look at your situation. If you’re lonely and stuck in a marriage, then you need to know a few things at

1) What is the cause of my lonely feelings?

Maybe you’re feeling like you don’t get to see your spouse enough or maybe you feel like the two of you aren’t communicating enough. Once you’ve narrowed down why you feel lonely, you can begin to work on the problems within your marriage by being proactive.

2) Is this temporary or permanent?

Some feelings of loneliness are fleeting while others will dig their claws deep and not let go. You have to discern for yourself whether or not the loneliness that you’re feeling is going to go away or if it’s something that you’ll be living with for a very long time. You then need to decide whether or not it is something that you can live with. Being lonely, particularly when you’re supposed to be with another person can be incredibly hard. In order to ensure that you’re in the best shape possible to tackle problems in your marriage, make sure that you’re thinking clearly about them and have a good idea of exactly how hard this is on you.

3) Search for distractions.

While we would love it if affairs were a cure-all for every problem that a marriage can have, the solutions are different for different people. You want to make sure that whatever distraction that you find for yourself is suited to both you and the problem that you’re having. If you are lonely, then seek out the company. If you are lacking activity then you can pick up a hobby if you think that will help your marriage. Whatever you need to do, you can do.

4) Remember yourself.

Marriage is about two people, it’s true, but you need to remember that you are one of those people. While it can be easy to think that you need to sacrifice yourself to your marriage, this is rarely (if ever) the case. Take time to rejuvenate yourself because without you being at your best, it will be hard for your spouse to be at their best too.