How To Talk To A Girl: Dating Tips to catch her interest

Women can be alluring, mysterious, and graceful—which can make some of us feel like the exact opposite. How do you talk to that special lady who has caught your eye?

Rodney from Minneapolis. MN writes:
“There’s this woman I work with who I am totally enthralled with. I see her every day, but from clear across the office. I have no idea what to say to her, and every time I’m in the same space with her I just feel like a stammering idiot. I don’t know what to say or how to say it. Most of my friends are guys, and I’m not used to talking to girls. I don’t know how to talk to a woman. Suggestions?”

How To Talk To A Girl: Dating Tips to catch her interest

Hello there Rodney. Talking to someone new is challenging enough; when it’s a beautiful woman it can be even more difficult to get your bearings, especially if most of your friends are guys. There’s a big secret though that a lot of guys don’t realize, and that’s that women aren’t all that different. To be sure, they’ve got curves and elegance and estrogen, but underneath all that, what you’re dealing with is a human being who probably has a lot of the same emotions as you.

Be polite when you talk to her, and don’t be crass. Maybe not everything you’d talk to your pals about is appropriate to talk to her about, but until you get to know her, you won’t know what it’s all right to say or not say. That’s why just being polite and friendly is best to begin with.

Feel free to compliment her on her appearance and personality—women like that!

If she’s achieved anything important at work, make sure to congratulate her. You might be able to use that to create a conversation. Maybe ask her to go to lunch with you sometime; it doesn’t create any real obligations on her time, since it’s during work hours, and that would be a casual and relaxed environment for both of you. She may be glad of the company.

Getting to know a woman isn’t all that different ultimately than getting to know a male friend. Talk about things you enjoy, and find out what her hobbies and passions are. See if you have any shared interests, or if you have similar goals and ambitions in the workplace or outside of it. These are all good icebreakers. Eventually you can talk to her about deeper topics if you find that there’s a “spark” and you end up spending more time together. Start married affair with us now for free.

If you do find you share an interest or an activity outside the workplace, why not ask her if she’d like to join you sometime? Shared activities are a great way to get to know a potential romantic partner. They create shared experiences, which is a foundation for trust and an emotional connection.

Whatever you do, don’t be so intimidated that you decide to do nothing! She may very well be sitting across the office wondering how to talk to you. In which case you may hit it off right away if you just give yourself a chance and talk to her!