5 Sex Tips for Women Who Like to Play Solo

Yup, you read that title right, these are solo sex tips for women by friendclub.online, as in masturbation tips. Women love to say that they don’t masturbate, but we know better. Masturbation is normal and something that most women do at one point or another. It’s also good for your health and your sex life, so anything that you can do to make it more enjoyable is definitely worth a go!

5 Sex Tips for Women Who Like to Play Solo

Here are 5 masturbation sex tips for women that’ll leave you running for the bedroom.

Calling George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Other Fantasies

No matter who your go-to fantasy guy/girl is, fantasizing can take masturbation to a whole other level of fun. Thinking back to a sexy encounter from your past or imagining sex with someone who tickles your fancy helps to get you aroused so every touch feels even better and it helps you escape from life’s stresses for a short time so that you can focus on your pleasure. You can kick things up a notch by letting your fingers or sex toy mimic the moves in your fantasy. Imagining that you’re enjoying a hot and heavy petting session with Tatum Channing? Try touching yourself and imagining it’s him touching you as you do it. Yes please!

Find and Stimulate Your G-spot

Masturbation is about getting in touch with your sexual self and learning what works for your body in bed and what doesn’t. The fact that it feels incredible in the process is a nice bonus! A sexy solo session is the perfect opportunity to find your G-spot and practice stimulating it for a whole other kind of orgasmic fun. Though your fingers can usually do the trick once you get the hang of things, a G-spot vibrator is pretty much a sure thing. These vibrators are curved to make G-spot stimulation easy because they hit the spot just right.

Enjoy a Little Visual Stimulation

It isn’t just guys that enjoy a little visual stimulation when it comes to sex and masturbation. Girls like porn and sexy images too! Think about the types of scenarios that turn you on and look for an adult DVD or magazine that offer what turns you on. You can even get USB sticks (Fleshdrive is one such product) that are discreet and can hold up to 500 videos for you to enjoy on your computer.

More than Just 50 Shades

There are thousands of erotic books and anthologies on the market to stimulate your brain and take masturbation to another level of erotic fun! Pick up a book or two and read a few pages before and during masturbation.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

There is something super-sexy about watching yourself masturbate. Set up a mirror and enjoy the view as you touch yourself. The more you watch the sexier and more confident you’ll feel which will help you when you get busy with a partner too. Embrace the way your body looks and feels and enjoy the power of being your big, bad, sexy self!