Married Dating Advice – How To Choose The Best Restaurant For Your Affair

Our latest poll on restaurants and food shows that it can be difficult to choose where to go for an extramarital affair. The majority of people prefer chain restaurants. But which chain restaurant should they choose and how far from home should they be?

This is the old wisdom: you shouldn’t go to a place too close to your home, or where you are likely to meet people you already know. If you are having an affair, it is best to leave the community you live in unless your spouse is open about it.

These rules exclude a few places. It is not a good idea to host your extramarital affair dinner close to your home or work. To avoid being identified, we recommend going to a completely different place. It is not a good idea to go to a place you are a regular at. This may sound like common sense and it is. However, you have so many things on your mind regarding your marriage that it is easy to default to the easy.

This is a bad idea when you are having an extramarital affair. Being complacent can lead to being caught.

Here are some things to remember when choosing a place for your affair dinner.


The most important thing you should remember is to ensure that they are not going to McDonalds. However, you must also make sure you keep your regular haunts away enough that you don’t draw attention. For a date night with your partner, it is best to choose places that cater more to travelers. It is better to go to a large chain restaurant than to a more intimate, homey, and cozy place. This is because there are more people who frequent them and it can be harder to identify who you are and with whom you were.


You want somewhere that is not brightly lit. You don’t have to make it a dive, but you want to maintain a dim atmosphere. A chain can be a great place to have an affair with Canadians. Many of the places that are listed as being the most popular for this purpose are also good places to meet for business dinners. If you are caught, you can always claim that your affair partner was a client you are talking to for business purposes. You should avoid romantic restaurants and places that cater to couples.


Be smart about it. It is easier to believe you must stay up late at work, than to think you can go out with clients on Saturday nights. The weekends are busier, which makes it easier to catch up. However, the idea of going out on Saturday night with your boss for a business meet is less likely and raises doubts. Try to keep your meetings in the middle of the week. Don’t go out with your boss on Saturday night to meet up with your boss for a business meeting. Your spouse won’t appreciate you rushing to get home after a long day.