Extramarital Affairs and Cheating Might Help You Be More Creative

The Association for Psychological Science released a new study that was done by Harvard business professors. It found that cheating may be beneficial. The outcome depends on your actions, but cheating is still a stigma.

Cheating is often seen in a negative light, and has been linked to extramarital affairs and adultery is troubling. It can almost make it appear that you are breaking the rules in order to win a married life. This in turn makes marriages seem two-dimensional and a blurred line between right and wrong. Extramarital affairs can seem so simple for some people. It is unlikely that they will change their minds about the subject despite all of the discourse. Cheating is not allowed. These rules are in place. Nothing can be changed.

The study did show that cheating can be beneficial. Cheating can help you be more creative and find solutions to your problems.

That’s right. Let me repeat it.

Cheating is a helpful that helps you to get out of your own rules.

There is no study yet that can measure the impact of cheating on your spouse through an extramarital affair on your work performance and creativity. This study, however, even though it is not related to extramarital affairs, is still important. Some people find the idea of cheating offensive.

Here is proof that cheating can have a silver lining. There are many other benefits to cheating and having an extramarital relationship that we don’t yet realize or haven’t considered.

Freedom of the mind is what gives rise to creativity and a lot of happiness. This freedom is from all rules and burdens. If there is a reward (like it is often with extramarital affairs), then this incentivizes us to work harder.

Sources have even called creativity and cheating two sides of one coin. This makes perfect sense. It takes creativity to lie, but maybe these deeper examinations of what we do when presented with the chance to cheat will help us break down the barriers that make cheating wrong. Cheating is not okay in any color.

There are many colors that lie between these two shades. While it may take some time to stop making these assumptions we’re at least starting to see the light.