7 ways To Make A Girl Jealous

Strange things can happen in love and marriage. This works well, especially if you’re trying to impress someone.

Different feelings are common among women, and it can be difficult for men to get to know them. You cannot win her affections without knowing the basics.

There are seven ways to make a girl jealous.

Talk to another girl infront of her – This can be a great way to make your girl jealous. Talk to another girl and see what she does. You can ignore the fact she is standing right next to you, and don’t mind. You will make her jealous. This is one of the most effective tricks ever. This will make your girl extremely jealous and will cause her to fall madly in love with you.

Do not have long conversations with your girl – If you don’t want to make her jealous, do not talk to her over the phone. Try to end your conversation as soon as she rings. Talk to another girl, and then put her on hold. This will make her mad, and she will get frustrated. She will soon start to think of ways to get your attention.

Ask questions about your friends. Women don’t like men talking about girls. This will cause women to be jealous and angry. Ask her questions such as “How are your friends?” and “What are their lives like?” You can also get her mad by asking questions like “How are your friends?”, “Would you mind if I went out with them to a movie?” and others. You will make her wonder why you didn’t ask any questions about it.

Don’t ignore her – This will drive your girl insane. Try to ignore your girlfriend if she is trying to attract you when you’re in a crowd. Keep at it, even if she is trying to attract you. This is one of the most effective tricks to always produce good results.

Have a conversation with your ex-girlfriend. Having a discussion about your ex and her sex affairs will anger your partner. Talk about how beautiful she was, and what you would do to see her again. Talking about ex-love is something that most women won’t like to hear from their partners. Another way to make your girl jealous is by mentioning ex-love.

Share important information with others – If there is a story that you like, tell everyone. If she hears the news from another person, she will be furious. She will feel excluded and will become very angry at you.

Be confident. Women don’t like intelligent and smart men. While it may be a positive thing, they don’t like being degraded in public. Be confident and tell her she is wrong. You will be mad at her for not listening to her. She will feel depressed by this difference in opinion and would love to please you more than ever.

These are just a few of the ways you can make your girl jealous. Remember the old saying, “All is fair in war and love.” All of these actions are done to attract the love of your heart. Even though it hurts her feelings, she will one day realize that you did this for her. This will help her to understand your true feelings for her. These tips and tricks will help you win her heart faster than you might think. Happy trolling! Lolol