How To Flirt – Flirting Signs for Men (that women use)

You know… Both receiving and handing out rejection sucks. I know we often being on the receiving end think women have it easy. Trust me on this, they hate and resent it as much. There’s a ton of women that have given you flirting signs, and you didn’t see it. Guess what those women are thinking now? They are frustrated that you didn’t see their signs. All you had to do is ask them out and they’d be overjoyed. On the other hand, there are many women who were simply being friendly with you, but you thought they were flirting. You might have even asked them out causing a frustrating situation for both of you.

So what’s the solution?

Well, one of the solutions that some guys online preach is overcoming rejection. They teach you to just not care and hit on and try to pick up a ton of women. Just go through them is their logic. Well, women have feelings too. I know it sounds ironic, but being hit on when you don’t want to is emotion wrecking for women too. They don’t know who you are. If they act nice when rejecting you… you might become a stalker or think she’s playing hard to get. If she says no in a rude manner, she’s protected… But then she feels guilty over treating you so badly.

How To Flirt - Flirting Signs for Men (that women use)

The solution I recommend is learning how to become a master at flirting. That way 99% of the time you try to pick up a woman, she’s interested. She was interested before you even made a move. Your reading all her signs made her even more interested. Women love a man who can speak “flirtese”, as its a rare skill these days. So let’s get started shall we?

You see, there are a ton of signs that women give when being interested, and many even vary from woman to woman. What means “interested” for one woman, means “just being friendly” for another woman. So what’s the solution you might ask? Its the same solution as in all of life, use the 90/10 rule. It simply means that 10% of the knowledge gives you 90% of the results. So I’ll just focus on the primary signals of interest in descending levels of priority.

1) Her eyes:

Its almost uncontrollable for a human being, male or female. We just feel compelled to have to continually look at what we’re interested in. If she’s interested in you, she will find every excuse to look your way. If you’re speaking to her, her eyes will be on your eyes much longer than a usual person talking.

How to test it: The way you test this is while talking to her, keep eye-contact without looking away. When it starts becoming odd, that point of time you’d usually look away, keep looking. Push past that moment where it feels weird to look for so long while talking or listening. If she’s holding on, she’s interested. she looks away make a judgement if its due to shyness or non-interest. If you’re not sure, repeat the test. But trust me on this, even the the most shy girl on the planet can keep up the eye-contact if she’s interested. If you perform this test more than 3 times and it fails, she’s not interested. Its not playing hard-to-get, its not shyness. Just move on.

2) Proximity:

When a woman likes you, she literally feels drawn closer to you. She’ll stand or sit much closer to you than ussual. If you feel she’s standing very close to you, compare it to other people. Is she standing, and speaking as close to other people or just you?

How to test it: When you’re speaking, or standing or sitting next to her, notice how far away you are. This is your instinctual distance. You now want to challenge it a bit. Move in only slightly closer, just an inch or so. Do it subtly, not all at once, find an excuse to shorten the distance. Never move more than that, its intrusive, an inch can be a coincidence so its fine. How does she react? Does she suddenly get an uncomfortable face, does she move away? The great part about this is that its unconcious. Her body will just get a need to move away.

She won’t conciously think “oh creep, let me move away”. That’s the beauty of this subtle test, there is no concious rejection. If she however doesn’t respond badly, combine it with the eyes test, or move another inch. Do this until she either doesn’t like it (moves away), or responds with a smile. It might not be a smile, but you’ll be able to tell when its a “Oh ya, I like you too” expression.

3) Touch (bonus sign):

Any form of touch can be a sign of flirting. What you want to focus on is if its who she is. If she’s a naturally touchy-feely person, she’ll continually be touching people when she talks to them. If you notice you’re the only person she finds excuses to touch, you’re the chosen one.

The key is combining these three. Any one of these three alone isn’t 100% solid. The eyes thing is correct 90% of the time, the proximity is right 70% of the time. If you get all 3, you have a 99% guarantee she’s interested. Any girl on the planet that has ANY interest will pass the eyes and proximity test. If she doesn’t pass those test, there’s almost no theoretical chance of her interest. The touching signal is simply a nice bonus sign.