26 Sex Tips from Real People

Your sex life could use some help. friendclub.online has collected sex tips from all walks of life. This list may not work for everyone. Consider it a starting point. These tips will help you get your sexual imagination firing.

  1. To express your sexual desires more freely, read erotica
  2. Blindfold your lover. Blindfolding your lover enhances your senses.
  3. You can expand your definition of sex beyond intercourse. All forms of sex should be included, including oral, grinding, and mutual masturbation.
  4. Do not make sex a goal. Focusing on pleasure will make you more likely to enjoy it and, paradoxically, more likely for it to come.
  5. For more intense orgasms, do Kegels. This tip is for both sexes. The pelvic floor muscles are also available for men!
  6. To avoid UTIs, sex after sex.
  7. Cybersex can bridge the gap between you and your partner when you’re apart.
  8. Sleeping bag in your backpack is a great way to get outside at night.
  9. Food play is fun. However, avoid sugary foods from the vagina. This can cause yeast infections.
  10. Set up sex dates on your calendars.
  11. Make a sex set with condoms and lube.
  12. Bedrooms can be enriched with feathers or flowers petals.
  13. If you want to indulge, buy candles that are specifically made for wax play. They have a lower melting point and are safer to use. These are commonly sold as lotions or candles for massage.
  14. Get loud during sex.
  15. Assume you don’t know one another, meet in a bar and then go back to your hotel room together.
  16. You can play Seven Minutes in Heaven middle school, but with adult boundaries.
  17. Strip poker is also available.
  18. Want to have a little dirty conversation but aren’t sure how? Begin by asking your partner what they want and what makes you feel good.
  19. Create a playlist of music that is specifically designed for sex.
  20. Go with your friends to an adult shop to find sex toys.
  21. To mix things up, replace the up-and-down with some circular grinding.
  22. For a relaxing but intense experience, slow down the pace.
  23. Ice cubes can be brought into your bedroom to create a sensational experience.
  24. When you’re not in the bedroom, talk about sex.
  25. You shouldn’t be afraid of fantasizing about things you don’t want to do. You can expand your imagination by letting go of reality.
  26. Start playing around with your partner if you think they are ready for sex. Once you start having fun, you might notice arousal.