26 Sex Tips from Real People

Could your sex life use a boost? friendclub.online collected sex tips from people from all over. Not every tip on this list works for every person; think of it as a jumping-off point. Use our tips to get your sexual imagination revving.

26 Sex Tips from Real People
  1. Read erotica to become more comfortable expressing your sexual desires.
  2. Blindfold your lover. The deprivation of sight enhances your other senses.
  3. Expand your idea of sex to include much more than intercourse. Oral, grinding, and mutual masturbation should all be part of the mix.
  4. Don’t make orgasm the goal of sex. By focusing on pleasure, you are more likely to enjoy it, and paradoxically, more likely to come.
  5. Do Kegels for more intense orgasms. (This is a tip for both sexes. Men have pelvic floor muscles, too!)
  6. Pee after sex to avoid UTIs.
  7. Bridge the gap with cybersex when you are apart.
  8. Head outdoors at night with a sleeping bag for a change of pace.
  9. Food play can be fun, but keep sugary foods away from the vagina; that can lead to yeast infections.
  10. Make appointments on each other’s calendars for sex.
  11. Put together a sex kit with condoms, lube, and toys.
  12. Feathers or flower petals can add exciting textural interest in the bedroom.
  13. Buy candles specifically designed for wax play if you wish to indulge. These have a lower melt-point and are safer to use. They are often sold as a lotion or massage candles.
  14. Get loud during sex.
  15. Pretend that you don’t know each other, “meet” in a bar, and go back to a hotel room together.
  16. Play the middle school game Seven Minutes in Heaven, but with grown-up boundaries.
  17. Play strip poker, or mix it up with strip Scrabble or strip Monopoly.
  18. Wanna dirty talk but don’t know how? Start by asking what your partner wants and what feels good.
  19. Make a playlist of music specifically for sex.
  20. Head to an adult store together to pick out some sex toys.
  21. Replace the up and down with a little circular grinding to mix up your routine.
  22. Slow the pace way down for a leisurely but intense experience.
  23. Bring ice cubes into the bedroom for a thrilling sensation.
  24. Talk about sex when you aren’t in the bedroom.
  25. Don’t be afraid to fantasize about stuff you would not actually want to do. Freeing yourself from reality allows you to expand your imagination.
  26. If your partner is in the mood for sex but you aren’t, start fooling around anyway. You might find that arousal kicks in once you get going.