5 Frequently Asked Questions about Sex for Newlyweds

Newlyweds tend to have lots of questions about sex, what it is going to be like after the wedding night (or even on the wedding night). In fact, some of these questions might make the couple anxious ahead of the wedding. Having answers to frequently asked sex questions can help newlyweds relax during what tends to be an already stressful period in one’s life. Here, we answer questions about sex that are probably on your mind, too.

5 Frequently Asked Questions about Sex for Newlyweds

Here goes:

Q: What is sex going to be like if our wedding night is the first time one or both of us will make love?

A: Sex affair is nothing to fear. As long as you are both comfortable with each other and in love, it should be a wonderful experience. If you are anxious, talk to each other about what you are feeling.

Sometimes just airing your feelings and realizing that your partner is supportive are enough to calm your nerves. Realize that first-time sex is not always the greatest sex of your life, but it can still be a beautiful moment for you and your new spouse. Some women experience slight pain the first time they have sex, but there are things you can do to minimize the discomfort, such as using lubricant. For more advice on making first-time sex on your wedding night pleasurable, read “How to Make First-Time Sex Good.”

Q: How can we guarantee that wedding night sex is the best ever?

A: You are not going to like this answer, but you can not guarantee that your wedding night will include the best sex of your life.

In fact, you are better off managing your expectations because many couples are so tired from the wedding and its festivities that they either have routine sex or no sex at all. Still, you can prepare to make the night romantic, which leads to greater intimacy and the right ambiance for a good sexual experience, even if it is not all fireworks and magic.

To find out how to set the mood for a passionate evening, read “How to Have a Romantic First Night.”

Q: I am worried about having sex with the same person for the rest of my life. What can we do to keep our sex life exciting, even if we have been together for an eternity?

A: Who says married sex has to be boring? There are some advantages to having sex with the same person over and over again. No one will know how to please you better than your spouse. After all, you should have reached a certain level of intimacy and comfort, which allows you to describe exactly what you want in bed. Also, just paying attention while having sex will help you both better understand the others pleasure points. If you are that concerned about boredom (or it has already set in), you can do things to pump up the passion. Read “How to Keep Sex Exciting.”

Q: What if my spouse has no idea how to satisfy me sexually?

A: Whether you have been having sex for years or you are just starting to sleep with your current partner, he or she might not know how to please you. But that does not mean that you are not meant for each other. It just means that you might have to put in a little effort. First, you must pay attention to the person’s likes and dislikes. It might sound silly, but what kinds of noises does he or she make when you touch them or kiss them in a particular spot? Do they ever wince while having sex? Of course, in addition to observing your spouse’s behavior while making love, you should also talk to each other. Communication is key to any relationship, and it is particularly important when it comes to potentially hot-button issues, such as sex. For help with opening up about your sexual needs and desires, read “6 Steps to Asking for What You Want in Bed.”

Q: My spouse would like to indulge in dirty talk, but I am embarrassed. What should I do?

A: Dirty talk can enhance the sexual experience by helping you envision and anticipate your pleasure. It can both serve as foreplay before sex or a fun addition during sexual intercourse. While there is no need to feel embarrassed, especially with your spouse, who loves you and should be willing to make you comfortable, not everyone can get over the embarrassment. Starting with simple tricks, such as describing what you are doing to your spouse in that very moment, can help ease a person into dirty talk.