5 Frequently Asked Questions about Sex for Newlyweds

Many questions are asked by newlyweds about sex after the wedding, or even the day itself. Some of these questions can make couples anxious before the big day. It can be helpful for newlyweds to have answers to common sex questions during a stressful time in their lives. We answer any questions you may have about sex.

Here’s what you need to know:

Q: How will sex go if we are the first to make love on our wedding night?

A: There is no reason to be afraid of a sexual relationship. It should be enjoyable as long as you both feel comfortable with one another and are in love. Talk to your partner if you feel anxious.

Sometimes, just letting your emotions out and knowing that your partner is there for you can calm your nerves. It is important to realize that the first time you have sex with your partner may not be the best sex in your life. However, it can still be an amazing moment for both of you. You can minimize discomfort by using lubricant. Some women may feel slight pain after their first sex session. You can read more about making your first sex experience on your wedding night enjoyable in “How to Make First-Time Sex Good”.

Q: How do we ensure that our wedding night sex is the best?

A: This answer is not for you. However, it does not guarantee that your wedding night will be the most sexy of your lives.

You are actually better off managing your expectations. Many couples get so exhausted from their wedding festivities that they have little or no sex. You can still make the night romantic. This will allow for greater intimacy and create the right atmosphere for good sexual experiences.

Learn how to create the right mood for a romantic evening by reading “How to Have a Romantic First Night.”

Q: I’m worried about my sexual life with the same person for the rest. How can we keep our sex life exciting even though we have been together for a long time?

A: Married sex doesn’t have to be boring. It is possible to have sex with the exact same person repeatedly. Your spouse will be able to know you best and how to please your partner. You should be able to express your desires in bed once you have reached a level of intimacy. You can also help each other understand their pleasure points by simply paying attention to the other while you have sex. You can make it more exciting if boredom is a concern or has already set in. Learn “How to Keep Sex Exciting.”

Q: What happens if my spouse doesn’t know how to please me sexually?

A: Your partner might not know how you feel, regardless of whether you’ve been having sex for many years or just started to have sex with someone. However, this does not mean you are not compatible. This just means you may need to work harder. You must first pay attention to what the person likes and doesn’t like. Although it may sound absurd, what kind of sounds does the person make when you touch or kiss them on a certain spot? Are they prone to sex-related aches and pains? You should not only observe your spouse’s actions while in love but also have a conversation with them. Communication is essential to any relationship. This is especially true when it comes to hot-button topics like sex. Read “6 Steps to Asking For What You Want in Bed” for help opening up about your sexual desires and needs.

Q: My spouse wants to engage in dirty conversation, but I’m embarrassed. What should I do?

A: Dirty talking can improve your sexual experience by helping to visualize and anticipate your pleasure. You can use it as both foreplay and fun during sexual intercourse. It is okay to feel embarrassed. This includes your spouse who should love you and be willing to make it comfortable. However, not everyone can overcome the embarrassment. Simple tricks such as explaining what you are doing in that moment to your spouse can help to ease the discomfort.