7 Ways to a Successful Marriage

We were surprised to see this list of seven things that will make your marriage successful. Many marriage experts recommend the realistic and achievable suggestions derived from an Art Aron research study.

These are excellent suggestions. You can’t just print these suggestions and leave them on the shelf. These behaviors must be a part of your daily life. You must accept the challenge of implementing them in your marriage. They can be a part of your happy marriage.

Art and Elaine Aron share their “7 Ways to Sustain Unions”

Premarital Skills Training:

Aaron believes premarital education can help couples to “handle conflict and support one another.” Evidence shows that people do better in marriage after 10-20 years. They are less likely to get divorced and less likely to be unhappy. For couples who have been married for a long time, he recommends marriage enrichment classes.

Date Nights:

Although this is not new advice it’s great to hear more experts encouraging couples to go on date nights. Aron says that if they have date nights every week, it is good for their marriage. It enriches and enhances the marriage. It shows that you value your marriage by putting date nights on your schedule and not allowing other things to interfere. You can have the butterflies back by finding ways to make your date night special.

Fight Fair:

This is a common “duh” recommendation, but it really does help to learn how to manage marital conflict in healthy ways. Divorce rates can be lower if you do this. You are setting yourself up for divorce if you try to win the conflict or fight to prevent it. Your marriage can be strengthened by being fair. You and your spouse need to learn how to forgive and when to apologize.

Treat Depression:

You can’t make your spouse’s mental health worse if they are depressed. Therapy is the best thing for the relationship. You can see a counselor if your spouse is not willing to go to a doctor. This will help you take care of your mental health.

Unwanted advice can be detrimental to your marriage. “…it is possible to give too much support to your spouse. Sometimes, the right kind of support is more valued than the quantity.

Create Rituals Together

Sharing in holiday rituals is another important piece of advice. Although the study is focused on holiday and religious rituals being important in confirming and cementing marriages and expressing love, everyday rituals are equally important.

Celebrate Success!

We don’t need to remind you to recognize your spouse’s successes. It doesn’t have to be a big party for your spouse to share good news. However, it is important to show pride in your marriage. It should be a daily habit to compliment your spouse.