The Fuck Buddy Rules : friends with benefits or NSA relationship

There are too many people who rush into a fuck buddy or friends with benefits or NSA relationship thinking that they can do it without really stopping to think about what it entails. You can get your feelings bruised or worse, your heartbroken just because you weren’t careful when you entered the relationship. So while it’s important to know when to break things off and how to dump your fuck buddy without causing waves, you also need to know how to conduct yourself while you’re in a fuck buddy relationship.

The Fuck Buddy Rules : friends with benefits or NSA relationship

Fuck buddy relationships or any relationship where the foundation is sex can be a mess when it comes to sorting out your feelings toward them. It’s human nature to get attached to things that you like and it can be hard to let go of things once you’ve got them in your grasp. The following are some tips that will help you to feel like you’ve got things under control and you don’t find yourself straying into that emotional minefield to get your legs blown off.

Sometimes these things happen, don’t get us wrong. Sometimes lightning strikes or you’re smacked with a load of emotions that you didn’t even know where there, but following these rules will help you to remain emotionally distant enough that you can keep up a steady and healthy fuck buddy relationship.

1. Don’t kiss on the mouth. Okay. We’re kidding. This isn’t Pretty Woman and I’m sure as hell, not Julia Roberts, but you want to make sure that you don’t fall in love with the person that you’re in a fuck buddy relationship with. Love breeds resentment, jealousy, attachment and that’s not good for what’s supposed to be a casual fuck buddy relationship. If you feel like you’re on that precipice or beginning to fall then you need to stop having sex with that person ASAP.

2. Wrap it up, buddy. You don’t know where your fuck buddy has been and they don’t know where you’ve been. As a courtesy, you’re going to want to practice safe sex between the two of you. Yes, yes, I know, wearing condoms can suck. Suck it up because your health is important here whether it’s emotional, mental or physical. You’re going to destroy the benefits of a fuck buddy relationship if you get sick.

3. Don’t try to change the rules. You’re going to be fuck buddies. That’s what you agreed upon and that’s what’s happening. Don’t let yourself think about turning this into a long term relationship without letting the other person know. Yes, sometimes this works and you can have a wonderful relationship but 95% of the time this approach will cause you to crash and burn. If you’re starting to develop feelings you can voice them, but don’t expect them to be reciprocated. This is a fuck buddy relationship and they owe you nothing but a good time in bed.

4. Don’t get jealous. Do you want to be possessive? Then get out of this relationship because you don’t have the right to be jealous. Remember that you’re not an important part of this person’s life. You play an important role, but you’re not supposed to ingratiate yourself into their way of life. You should be able to flit in and out of your fuck buddy’s life without worrying about getting entangled or caught in the myriad of webs that are being woven around them.

5. Daydreaming can be dangerous. You want to keep things casual and even fantasizing about someone can create an emotional attachment that you want to avoid. Have your fun while you can and don’t be so serious about the person. The more weight you put on this fuck buddy relationship, the more likely it is that you’re going to cause trouble within the fuck buddy relationship. You’re going to want to be honest within the relationship just because it makes communication easier, but remember that you don’t owe your fuck buddy anything. You’re not seeing them so you can learn more about their life or so you can talk about your own. Just avoid that dangerous road altogether and the instant you start thinking of them outside of the bedroom and in more mundane situations you need to stop sleeping with them.

Yearning for a deeper relationship than the sex is providing is just going to cause your fuck buddy relationship to implode.