How To Get A Woman Interested In Having Sex With Her Husband Again

Women are complicated

A good marriage is one where the husband has intimate contact with his wife. Conversely, a bad marriage is one in which he gets little or no sex. This can be a problem in any marriage. A healthy sex life is key to a happy marriage. Women and men view sex differently. Most men can still enjoy sex despite having problems, while women’s brains are often distorted, making it more difficult to desire sex.

This article is proactive and the sole purpose is to help men get their wives’ minds re-energized to desire and want to have sex again with them!

Women are complex. This is a fact. There are many factors that can make women more complicated. Women cannot compartmentalize as well as men. A woman who is feeling emotional or has to deal with something will not be able to put those thoughts on the other side of her brain. She can’t just go about her day as a man. She will dwell on her problems and stress over them, which can seep into the part of her brain that allows her to relax, enjoy sex, and allow it to affect her ability to think clearly.

These are some pointers

These are some key things that a husband can do to get his wife interested in sex again. These are the steps you can take to get your wife back on track and into the marital relationship. This is a hard work, but the rewards can be great !!!!!!! !

1. You must take care of your body, men! Hygiene, hygiene and hygiene are important. Take the time to clean your bathroom, wash your hands, and take care of yourself. A woman doesn’t expect her husband to be Adonis but will easily be turned off by poor hygiene.

2. Don’t pressure her into having sex. This will backfire. Relax until you are able to stimulate her mind. Then wait for her to come to you. You may even have to ignore her for a while.

3. Pay attention to her and compliment her in a way that grabs her attention. Don’t say anything sexual, just compliment her dress, how she cooks, takes good care of her house, and kids.

4. Do a chore for her that you don’t normally do. Make an effort, but do not expect to get sex in return. Remember, this is all about resetting her mind.

5. Smile at your wife, smile around her, and be sweet, not angry at her.

6. You can take her out on a date. Do not touch her or discuss sex. Just pretend she is a new girl you are interested in, and then seduce her mind with interesting facts.

Be Patient

This should take approximately a month. Don’t let this get in the way of your desire to have sex again with her on a regular basis. You can also try no sex, cheating or divorce.

After you have been doing this for a month, it is very important that you do not discuss sex during that month. Even if she does want to, you do not want her to have you.

Mind stimulation to get her to want you

Month 2: Mind stimulation to recharge her batteries

1. Do not relent!

2. Give her a compliment by looking at her. Add some flavor to your compliments by saying something nice about her legs, body, or face. You can say, “Like your legs are beautiful and sexy,” and then walk away. Or, you could say, “Your eyes are very attractive, and sexy”, and then walk away. You can use any of these words, but tell her she’s sexy in a different way than graphically. You want her to feel sexy, and to be able to think about you. You can do this several times per week to see her reaction.

3. Begin to show your affection. Ask her to hold your hand and give you a hand message.

4. Ask her if she would like to go on a date with you in bed. “Tell her that you just want to touch and touch her.” Give her a massage and kiss her neck. Then, get out of bed and get off !!!!!. If your wife wants you to go to another room, do it !!!!!!!. You can try this tactic if your wife doesn’t come after you. One month is enough. If she doesn’t lust after it then? Bigger problem.


If your wife doesn’t want you to do this, and you don’t have sex afterwards, there are big problems in the marriage !!!!! !

Before you get a divorce, cheating or sex affairs, try all of these first. This should work !!!!! if your wife’s brain has been rebooted. If your wife’s brain is not functioning properly, you should consult a doctor !!!!. If your marriage ends after these steps, and your spouse is still lusting after the you, then it is likely that you have lost it. !!!!!! !