How To Get A Woman Interested In Having Sex With Her Husband Again

Woman Are Complicated

Men will typically view a good marriage as one that involves intimacy with his wife and a bad marriage when he is getting little to no sex at all in the marriage. This is indeed a big problem in any marriage. One of the key factors in a good marriage is still enjoying a healthy sex life with your spouse. Men and women view sex very differently, most men are able to still enjoy sex even with problems on their mind, where as a women’s brain gets turned off in many ways making it difficult for her to want to have sex!

This is a proactive article and the sole purpose of this is to help men to get their wives minds rebooted into desiring and wanting to have sex with them again!

How To Get A Woman Interested In Having Sex With Her Husband Again

Women are complicated this is a fact and many factors may make a woman even more complex such as: Emotions that can be triggered by her own hormones, children, anxious thoughts, lack of security, fear, hurt, jealous, anger, self worth, poor body image, feeling unloved and unappreciated. Women are not able to compartmentalize like a man can. Your typical woman when she is emotional or feels something she is not able to push those thoughts to one side of her brain and just continue on with her day like a man can. She will think about her problems, stress about it, it seeps into the part of her mind that allows her to relax and want to enjoy sex.


There are a few key points that a man can do to reboot his wife’s mind and get her interested in having sex with her husband again. If you want sex with your wife these are steps to get her back into the mood and back into the marriage. Remember men this is work at first, but if achieved the rewards are plentiful!!!!!!!!

1. Men you need to make sure that you take care of yourself! Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene, take the time to smell nice, dress appropriately, and care about you. A woman does not expect her husband to be Adonis, but she will get easily turned off by poor hygiene.

2. Do not pressure her for sex this will completely backfire. So ease up until you have learned to spark her mind and wait she will come to you. In fact you almost have to ignore her in this way for awhile

3. Notice her, what she is wearing, compliment her in a nice way that gets her attention. Do not say anything sexual to her, compliment her dress or how she cooks, takes care of the house, kids, just compliment her and leave sex out of it!

4. Help her with a chore that you usually do not do, make an effort and do not expect sex in return just do it for her. (remember this is about rebooting her mind)

5. Smile around your wife, be playful, sweet not angry at her, catch her attention in a sweet way.

6. Take her on a date, do not touch her, or talk about sex, just pretend that she is a new girl that you are interested in and seduce her mind with conversation about interesting facts.

Be Patient

Now this should take about a month, don’t waver remember you want her to fall for you again,  have sex with you on a regular basis and for her to desire you. The alternative is no sex, cheating, or divorce so try this instead.

Once you have done this for a month and very important do not talk about sex in that month, even if she wants to do it, do not let her have you, you want to get her interested in wanting you again and again and again.

Mind Stimulation Getting Her To Want You

Month #2: Mind stimulation to get her rebooted

1. Continue to do the entire steps above do not waver!

2. When you look at her and give her a sexy compliment now! say something nice about her legs or body or face but add a little flavor to it. “Like you have beautiful sexy legs” and walk away from her, or “your eyes are very attractive and sexy” and walk away, or you know “honey you are a very sexy lady” and walk away!!! Any of those words will do, just tell her that she is sexy in some way, not graphic just the word “sexy”. You want to get her mind going, feeling sexy and you want her to want you!!! Do this a few times a week, she what her reaction is.

3. Begin to show her affection, remember you have been holding back, using your words with her. Hold her hand, ask her if she would like a foot or back message, rub her shoulders, give her a hand message, do not expect sex, remember you are seducing her mind and rebooting her mind, now you are adding touch into it.

4. Ask her if you can make a date in bed with her, “tell her that you want to touch her in bed not to have sex with her” “You just want to touch her”, ( use those exact words) when you get her in bed give her a massage, kiss her behind the neck, kiss her lips, touch her softly, tell her that you love, tell that she is sexy, do this for an hour and hold back, then get out of the bed and leave!!!!! Go to the other room walk away, if your wife comes and gets you back in bed go for it!!!!!!! If she does not come after you, try this tactic as much as you can handle it, one month should do it, if she does not lust after you then? Bigger problem.


Now if your wife does not desire you after this and give you sex after this there is a big problem in the marriage!!!!!!

Try all of this first before getting a divorce, cheating, sex affair, or blaming yourself. If your wife’s brain is rebooted this should work!!!!! If it does not go to counseling, see if she has a medical condition!!!! If you do these steps and your wife is not lusting after you, than the marriage is probably over, but at least you gave it one last shot!!!!!!!