Top 5 Things Not To Say To Your Girlfriend

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, there are some phrases that you need to get rid of. These phrases have been used by many men who ended up in hot water for making a mistake. If you are a man, there are some phrases you shouldn’t say to your girlfriend.

These are the 5 Phrases You Shouldn’t Say to Your Girlfriend.

1. “You talk too much.”

It is well-known that women speak more than men. To have a genuine conversation in a relationship, you must listen to your woman and pay attention. She won’t ask for your opinion, but she will tell you that she wants to listen. She doesn’t really talk much, you just have to be better at listening. You don’t have to be a great listener if you aren’t able to. She might find someone who is.

2. “I think that your friend looks hot.”

You don’t want your girlfriend to think you are digging your own grave. You don’t want her thinking that you are too busy focusing on your friends to be interested in you. Keep your eyes on her only.

3. “You’re becoming like your mother.”

When you compare someone to another person, they tend to focus on the negative and make it seem like you are insulting them. It is important to not tell your daughter that she is becoming more like her mother. She will think only of the negative aspects of her mother and take your comments in a negative light. If you make such a comment, you will never get the end of it.

4. “I don’t feel like it.”

You don’t want to let your girl know that you aren’t feeling the sex. You don’t have to use excuses all the time to make her have sex. You won’t mind if she does it to your face, but she will jump to conclusions and believe the worst. You might find out that she isn’t interested or that you have had sex elsewhere. This phrase can cause you a lot of problems.

5. “Why do you get so emotional?”

Remember that women are often very emotional and can be set off by things that are smaller than we. You should not judge her emotions if she gets emotional. Instead, be supportive and available to listen if she needs it.

You can avoid spending the night on your couch or in the doghouse by paying attention to these phrases. You might feel the need to use one of these phrases in a heated discussion or argument. But it will only make things worse.