What Do Men Really Want in a Dating Woman?

What do guys look for when seeking a romantic sex affair partner? Sure, some dudes want a delicate princess to lavish gifts upon, while others hold out for a swashbuckling adventurer. But although we males may each attempt to seek out a unique female counterpart compatible with our own individual personalities, there are a certain handful of natural qualities nearly all men consistently desire of the ladies in their lives:

What Do Men Really Want in a Dating Woman?

Communication Skills

It’s easy to act like a composed adult when things go smoothly, but it’s crucial that both you and your partner are able to communicate clearly with an even temper when sh** hits the fan. No man appreciates an insecure, emotional reactionary who makes assumptions, or a lady who ruminates and later unleashes negative energy.

A Supportive, Open Mind

So you don’t enjoy bullfighting, ice-fishing, and Pauly Shore movies as much as he does? A smart guy will understand that he doesn’t have to share every single one of his hobbies with his significant other, and a smart lady will at least try to support her partner’s interests. Even if you can’t stand Encino Man, showing just a little enthusiasm for his “passion” can go an awfully long way!


A woman who can get along with a guy’s friends and family is a must — not just to keep tension from arising, but also because of how joyous and enriching it is to witness loved ones connect and share a laugh. This category includes not being auto-jealous of his platonic female friends. Understand the background before jumping to conclusions!

Strong Friendships

It’s always better for partners to have separate social lives in addition to a joint one, which will ensure that they spend time with one another because they want to, rather than have to. Furthermore, a guy doesn’t want to feel like a selfish jerk when hanging with his friends; he wants to know that his lady is having a good time with hers as well.

Healthy Baggage

Hey, we all have emotional baggage. So of course there’s nothing inherently wrong with a woman who’s made mistakes or experienced trauma — it’s how these past incidents affect her perceptions of and interactions with the world that matters. Bad experiences can build character, and a good woman will be accepting and thoughtful about why she is who she is. A good man will be patient and keep an open mind.


We’re not asking to be babied, but most guys do appreciate a nurturing gal who enjoys making her guy happy. That doesn’t mean she has to live a life of subservience — a romantic guy will get a huge kick out of doing nice things for his beloved, and it’s important that a lady can make as much of an effort as her man does.

A Sense of Self

Above all else, there is nothing sexier than confidence. A mature man will enjoy the company of a woman who knows who she is and what she wants. When a woman values herself and has a strong sense of self, it’s a huge turn-on to guys.


Of course, while these are all great examples of what intelligent, secure men look for in a woman, don’t try to become someone you’re not for the sake of a guy! You should know what sounds good to you on paper as well as what feels right in person — and that includes finding a man who can appreciate who you truly are.