What Men Over 30 Years Old Want Sexually

When a man matures and enters his 30s his outlook on sex also changes and matures. There are different things that turn him on and different things that he wants to experiment with. You see when a man is in his 20s he is usually just happy to be having sex regularly, but when he gets older this feeling goes away. He then wants to have a deeper connection when it comes to sex and the ladies he is choosing to be with on his new found sex journey.

What Men Over 30 Years Old Want Sexually

New Sexual Activity #1: New Satisfaction

While a man is in his 20s he is a bit selfish and is all about the blowjobs being done to him. In a sick way they expect a woman to get on their knees all the time, but that they don’t have to return the favor. When a man enters his 30s he realizes that he has been going about oral sex the wrong way and his man focus is about turning you on. He learns that while he is turning on his girl through oral sex that this is in fact turning him on as well. His may focus is about pleasing his woman and when she is pleased so is he. He finally learns that women don’t have orgasms solely through penetration. She has an orgasm through foreplay and oral sex.

New Sexual Activity #2: New Touching Area

Guys in their 20s are still not 100% comfortable with their bodies to be able to experiment with other areas of it. Men in their 30s are 100% comfortable with their bodies, sexuality and simply are ready to try out other areas. The only other area is their backdoor. They tend to like to have it licked or fingered and are completely okay with it. They are not afraid to experiment this new area with their woman. So ladies start off playing with their balls, move back towards their perineum (area between balls and butt) and if he is comfortable with you touching all of that then it is okay for you to move your way all the way back.

New Sexual Activity #3: Introducing Porn

Younger guys tend not to want to watch porn with their partner as it goes back to them not being comfortable and secured with themselves. They feel that their woman is going to judge and compare them when it is their turn to sex it up in the bedroom. Older men are secured with themselves and don’t mind introducing a porn video in the bedroom. Plus, this is a way for the guy in his 30s to keep things interesting in a long term relationship.

It’s great to see that most men grow out of their sexual selfish ways and start pleasing women in the bedroom as this is just as important to them as it is to you. Women love having sex, but most are turned off by 20 something year olds as they are not mentally ready to begin pleasing a woman in the bedroom and are just all about busting their own nut. Don’t forget to check out Smoking Hot Model Kate Upton Shows Off Sexy Curves as this woman is hot!